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Status update

I’ve been working on the release of “Heart of Fire Time of Ice” for the past couple of weeks. Writing stories is what I’d rather do, but there’s not much reward in writing books that no one reads. Getting a new book pushed up in the Amazon ratings is difficult. There’s so much competition, and Amazon’s rating system seems deliberately designed to confuse everyone (me, at least).

Reviews seem to help within certain limits, but they’re hard to get. Most readers don’t seem to want to take the time, even to say a few words.

I’m planning on giving away a few paperback copies once I get at least 10 reviews. I have two replica clovis projectile points that I will include with two of the paperbacks for a little bonus. Watch for information on the drawing on this page and on my blog.

Meanwhile, I’m about a fifth of the way through a second time-travel adventure with “Paradox” as the working title. It’s been a slow go so far. My MC is young and sort of a slacker. He’s just managed to get himself moved in time and is now trying to get oriented. I think the fun part of the writing job is about to get started. That’s when the character comes more to life in my own mind and starts dictating his own actions to a certain extent. I know I’ve got a number of dangerous situations set up for him to encounter. We’ll see how well he does.


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