The Time Equation Novels

Time Equation Novels

The Time Equation Novels have been quite popular with my readers. I initially wanted to write an adventure about life during the last ice age (the Pleistocene period), and I had planned to chronical a single hunter’s journey.

Somewhere in the process, the idea of time travel came into play. I contacted Professor Fred Allen Wolf, a noted physicist and author. I used his ideas for the basis of my character’s time travel. Wolf felt that the ability to move in time is probably something we all possess, but normally suppress, so there is no ‘time machine’ involved. Instead, there is an altered mindset and a complex equation with numerous variables that is discovered inadvertently by Kathleen Whitby.

Kathleen ends up in the ice age just a few miles south of the glaciers covering the north part of America. She had a difficult life and did not survive it without extensive personality damage. The story then became one that deals with her personal growth. She moves from a timid and fearful person to one who finds that she has something to love in herself.

The primitive hunter appears soon after she arrives in the past. He, too, has problems, having lost everyone who was dear to him. Now he is wandering with no purpose and no hope. Kathleen quickly becomes his reason for existance. However, she requires time to reach a point where she can consider herself worthy of receiving love.

The story has been called by one of my readers as the best time-travel story written. While I take this with a grain of salt, it still gave me a nice endorphin rush.

The second time equation novel is somewhat of a reverse of Heart of Fire Time of Ice. Paradox takes a college student who stands to inherit a fortune and thrusts him into a complex situation. Logan must graduate in four years to inherit and it looks as if he won’t make it. He ends up about 10,000 years in the past in Florida. There he meets a young woman who is being hunted. The two go through much and…well, no spoilers.

The third time equation novel, All the Moments in Forever, brings us back to Kathleen and Cadeyrin again. The same dark forces are against the two, posing a huge problem for Kathleen when they capture Cadeyrin and hold him hostage in exchange for the secret of her time equation.

Kathleen is forced to develop her time-traveling ability to its maximum in order to survive her efforts to rescue Cadeyrin. Along the way, she rescues a number of new characters, takes unique approaches to confuse her enemies, and sheds the last vestiges of her insecurity and fears.

The three books comprise a loosly knitted trilogy. Moments is the direct sequel to Heart, but some of the characters in Paradox appear in Moments, so Paradox should be read first for context.

The fourth book, now being writtin, finds Kathleen forced to defend her extended family against a corporate group that wants control of an incredibly valuable discovery, the secret of greatly extended life.

The books are adult-level and deal with the harshness of primitive life, murder, tribal war, criminality, hunting, sex, and other sensitive topics. I’ve made an attempt to handle these topics tastefully without prejudice, but there were certain requirements based on the plots and locations that had to be included in order to create entertaining stories.

What Readers Say

Engaging characters. Like potato chips… bet you can’t read just one of this author’s novels. I rarely am engaged enough by a story to bother with next book in a series; this time was different and I really want to see what happens next.

What great world building — in both times. The characters leap off the pages, no two dimensional beings here!

The time period is brutal; but we still have that all-important happily ever after, until the next adventure! Love the underlying positive themes of freedom, fighting corrupt government officials, pro-life and pro-destiny, spiritual lore and the personal growth of the characters.

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