List of Published Titles – March, 2021

Here’s a current list of my books. It will be updated periodically and will eventually hold links to all locations where each book can be purchased. Please bear with me as I’m just now setting up universal links and not all books are set up as of the date of this post.


AsteRats and Other Stories: Life, Space, and Imagination

Stand-alone Novels


Gaea Ascendant Series

  1. The Time of the Cat
  2. Second Wave
  3. Confederation

The Cyber-Magic Series

  1. Cyber-Witch: The Origin of Magic
  2. Nano-Magic

The Time Equation Series

  1. Heart of Fire Time of Ice
  2. Paradox: On the Sharp Edge of the Blade
  3. All the Moments in Forever
  4. Time Enough to Live
  5. All Things in Time

The Belter Series

  1. Pirates of the Asteroids
  2. The Belter Revolution

Work in Progress

The Oort Cloud War – Belter Series #3

Fear – working title