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Review from Amazon UK for All the Moments in Forever


Thanks to LewLew for caring enough to spend the time to write a comprehensive review of All the Moments in Forever without (many) spoilers.

The criticism in the last part is accepted, but, although one would wish to change human nature, violence is all too common. I try to make my stories as realistic as I can (within the lack of confines allowed by science fiction), so guns are common. From Kathleen’s viewpoint, a firearm provides much needed security. She’s good, but she’s not strong enough to physically fight off men and fierce animals.

As to the question of paleontologists finding a fossil with bullet holes, I suspect the holes would simply be ascribed to tooth marks by a heretofore unknown predator. Dinosaur bones have been found with holes made by predator bites, so why not a high power rifle? The brass and bullet fragments? Maybe a problem, but what scientist doesn’t like a good mystery?

Oh, btw, I immediately addressed the name issue. I was inexcusably sloppy on that one.

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Here’s the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great! Heart of Fire Time of Ice, blended with Paradox: On the Sharp Edge of the Blade3 September 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase

Ack… I missed finding this third book in the Kathleen Whitby/Logan Walker series.

The author needs to be sure to use the same name when publishing/uploading, eg he added his middle initial S and so it did not show when I searched! Also, I wish there was an Amazon based author alert system when an author you follow publishes a new book, but I do try to join mailing lists.

Anywhoo….All the Moments ticked the boxes for me. Kathleen’s time jumping talents grow, incurring the wrath of rogue US govt politicians and their minions. They are more aggressive than ever in wanting her formula. Having gotten a hold of Logan Walker’s Prof Wolf’s work, (Paradox: On the Sharp Edge of the Blade… you need to read it!) , they have been experimenting and sent an well-trained soldier back in recent time to test out the idea of causing a ‘timeline’ changing event to their advantage in the guise of the greater common good. Yeah..right. Kathleen has no interest and tells them so, but when they kidnap Caderyn after they had to return to modern times to treat serious wounds from an attack by unknown early hominids in their American idyllic time, all hell breaks loose.

New characters are introduced and Kathleen’s circle of trusted friends, and unusual ‘family’ members grows and fills her life with a lot of action, adventure, danger, but ultimately love and loyalty. This was a very good device as I wondered how they’d live without problems… just the two of them, at the end of Heart of Fire Time of Ice (first book). I am so glad that the author has left the door open for a fourth book… hopefully as the group thrives in the Sangamon (a mild and relatively safe time in prehistoric America), new challenges will arise. It can’t stay peaceful for ever now, can it LOL!

My only criticism is the casual appearance and sheer amount of fire-power that is common place in America that anyone seems to be able to get a hold of. I have not lived in the US since the late 1990s, but the gun culture is a bit over-whelming for a UK reader. I have never touched a weapon even though my later brother was a veteran police officer in America. With the author’s background in martial arts, I hope for a bit more of that in the future, along with inventing some traps, etc. Guns seem to solve their problems too easily. I wonder that the regular use of modern weapons cannot but help to have an effect on the timeline. What happens someday when a prehistoric fossil is found with bullet holes and casings!

No matter… write on, and on, and on please!! 🙂 🙂

Kathleen cameo ready