Second Wave: Gaia Ascendant Series II ebook



Second Wave: The Follow-up Story to The Time of The Cat

Human civilization was destroyed by an alien invasion. Even though the invasion was stopped by “security consultant” Declan Dunham, the aliens set human technology back to the seventeenth century. Now they are threatening to return to finish the job, and Dec must take up arms again. He does so with his usual aggressiveness, but not without worry about leaving his family behind in a lawless wilderness.

In the process, he finds there are other victims of the invaders. With their aid, he steals a spaceship and sets out to locate the only race that fought the invaders to a standstill. His goal is to enlist their help in finding a way to finally defeat the aliens, and neutralize their threat.

The story is full of adventure and conflict. The alien races range from cuddly to horrific, and the fierce alien beasts of Tukoli will have you looking over your shoulder in the dark.

This full-length novel is book two of the Gaea Ascendant Series. It is a stand-alone story that occurs after the events described in The Time of the Cat.

The third book, Confederation, finishes off this series.

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