Confederation: Gaia Ascendant Series III ebook



The final story in the Gaia Ascendant Trilogy

Confederation brings the Gaea Ascendant series to a close with stunning action mixed with questions as to how humans can live with aliens and, even more importantly, what is the best way for humans to live with themselves. The story unfolds in a way that allows these important questions to be addressed within the context of exciting action.

After aliens attack the Earth, the surviving humans exist in a post-apocalyptic world and are divided into groups that contest for power. One group has allied with two friendly alien races using technology captured from the original alien invaders. This fledgling confederation is faced with seemingly insurmountable tasks: They must destroy the threat still posed by the original invaders while being involved in a conflict with barbaric remnants of the old society to protect the remaining population from tyranny.

To complicate matters, they must simultaneously find a way to strengthen their working relationship with each other, develop trade protocols and a mechanism for mutual defense in the face of potential incursions of unknown hostiles from outside their sphere of occupied planets.

The two previous books in this series, The Time of the Cat and Second Wave set the stage for this stunning novel of space war and post-apocalyptic struggle.

If you love space-opera, action, military space epics, and alien contact, you must buy this book today!


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