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Here are three links for the Gaea Ascendant Series.

I’m giving these away with one requirement: I’m building an email list of readers who are interested in my stories, so I’d like your email address. I won’t abuse it. I get plenty of junk email and I’m fully in tune with people who want to limit spam. I promise I will only contact you when I’m releasing a new book, or when I’ve got a free or discount promotion scheduled. New books come out two to three times a year. Promotions are about the same.

I hope to see your address on my list, meanwhile, download all three books, and be aware the link you’ll receive from BookFunnel is only good for a limited time.

While you’re here, take a look around. I’ve tried to make this site interesting. There are free stories and unsolicited opinions about various things. Comments are always welcome. Also, please check out my other books – all available on Amazon. A good starting point is my ‘zon Author Page.



Gaea Ascendant Trilogy Giveaway links

The Time of The Cat — Book 1

Second Wave — Book 2

Confederation — Book 3