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Dustfall selected as Florida Authors and Publishers President’s Awards 2021 Finalist

2021 FAPA Finalist!

What an excellent way to start an otherwise hot and possibly dull Saturday! I just received notice that Dustfall was selected as a finalist for this year in Adult Science Fiction. It remains to be seen which place it will take. But reaching the finals is an accomplishment by itself, given the quality of the competition.

My other two FAPA award winners are Cyberwitch in 2018 and Pirates of the Asteroids in 2020. Both stories are ones that I’m pleased with, and both incorporate unique ideas into their plot. Cyberwitch takes a severely damaged woman through an astounding transformation via AI-enhanced nanobots, and introduces genetic chimeras and AI-bio-mech creatures, leading to a world where technology is indistinguishable from pure magic. Pirates is the story of a somewhat exceptional physics student who arrives in the asteroid belt just in time for a new war for independence. He finds himself suddenly thrust into a leading role with all the benefits and problems anyone could want or hope to avoid.

Dustfall takes a single premise: The Earth has passed into an interstellar dust cloud that drops mRNA-like particles on the surface. Much of Earth’s life has died or mutated into deadly monsters as a result. What can a young man, focused solely on survival and avoiding being eaten, do, but fall in love with the first ‘normal’ girl he has met in years? He wants her enough to risk the unknown. She isn’t immediately sure but makes up her mind when they meet for a second time. Then the mutants show up, and they want both of them. Now, it’s run, fight, or die!

If you read one of my books, please take a moment to provide a review. Marketing is always tricky, and reviews help a lot. Amazon makes it easy, but you could drop me an email at this site if you read it elsewhere.

Thanks greatly!


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  1. Congratulations Eric

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