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Nano-Magic is the must-read sequel to CyberWitch, winner of the Silver FAPA Presidents Medal for Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The world has been changed forever with the advent of the singularity. The escape of two AIs with greater than human intelligence divided the human population into two groups: The ordinary people, who cannot control the trillions of nanobots that have spread over the globe, and the few who can control nanite swarms, thus giving them powers indistinguishable from magic. Genetically modified creatures in the form of uplifted animals, weres, fairies, and more roam the wilds.

Sophie, known as the CyberWitch and the originator of the method of control, has come a long way from her down-and-out days as a drug addict. After beating her addiction, she has found love and a cause. Now, she is engaged in a self-imposed war on the nanite-based AI that views humans as nothing more than convenient meat slaves to be disposed of casually. Sophie has met all the challenges she’s encountered so far, but a new one has arisen. She’s about to reach a roadblock in her path to make the world safe for humans, and she’s going to need all the help she can muster.

This novel is a wild ride that will have the reader turning pages non-stop until they reach the surprising conclusion.

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