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Typography makes a difference – Who’da thunk it?

I just had the typography changed on my time travel novels. Immediately below are the original covers.

Timetraveltweet image1


Here are the new ones.compilation-time equation novels

It’s easy to see the books are related and part of a series with the new typography. They were missing that before.

You can put that error down to inexperience in book marketing. I want to provide interesting and compelling stories for my readers and that is the goal for which I strive. The problem is that people won’t read books unless the cover attracts them.

I think the new look makes a big difference and I hope you do also.

I’ve learned a big lesson here. I’ve got to pay more attention to the cover wording and not just the artwork.


The three books are on sale from 2/18/18 to 2/21/18 for $0.99 each on Kindle.


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