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My Weekly Writing Activity

Loose keyboard keys
Keys I typed this week

For the fun of it, here’s my Grammarly stats for last week:

You were more productive than 99% of Grammarly users: 74,475 words checked

You were more accurate than 90% of Grammarly users: 772 alerts shown

You used more unique words than 97% of Grammarly users: 2,196 unique words used


And here’s my reasons and excuses:

Production: I wrote a short story and checked it twice. That was about 15k words total. I’m also making a final pass through Cyber-Witch’s 90k words prior to placing the novel on Kindle. That accounts for the rest of the Grammarly count. (I’m not done with Cyber-Witch yet, so I’ve got to put more text into the Grammarly editor.)

Problems: My, most, serious, problem, is, with, commas <sigh>.

On the good side, most of the alerts were due to writing dialogue with a lot of slang — can’t have all my characters speak perfectly.

The next issue is that Grammarly hates passive voice, but there are times when something happens to a character and it’s not their fault. If they’re being acted upon, they’re passive and I’m going to use passive voice at that time.




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