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Preview of “The Second Wave”

Update: The second book in the Gaea Ascendant series is now available at this link: Second Wave

I’m leaving the rough draft for your preview – below.

Preview – rough draft of the first four chapters of The Second Wave – Gaea Ascendant: Vol. II (c) 2015 E. S. Martell

If you’ve read “The Time of the Cat”, you should have an idea that Dec isn’t through with the aliens and vice versa. I’m currently finished with the second book. Here’s the first four chapters for you to sample. WARNING! This is my first draft, so the writing is going to be rough. My writing path involves getting the story down and then fine-tuning it considerably, so please don’t expect finished work here. This is about 10k words. Comments are welcomed!

Click here to read:

“The Second Wave” Preview Page


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